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The Building (Titahi Bay)
Preparing the ground. The pier will be anchored into the whole with a lot of concrete.
The new building is constructed a bit differently from the old one. Instead of the classic piles and wooden floor of the old observatory this uses the current trend of a re-enforced concrete slab with wooden truss walls anchored to it. Apparently this is just as effective for earthquake resistance in a low-rise building.

The pier is in place and the first truss walls are getting erected.
The new building, looking remarkably like the old one, getting finishing touches added to the outside.
On the inside, before the walls are lined, all the infrastructure cabling is installed (mains power and cat-5).
The upper floor is now basically finished; lined, painted, carpeted and some bench space installed.
Downstairs is mainly just a storage area although the equipment rack will go in the corner underneath the stairs.