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The Dome (Titahi Bay)
Since the dome caused some problems in its Pukerua Bay incarnation, some major rework was done on the same  fibreglass shell before the new bulding was ready. There'll be more information after the dome is installed.

The new dome dispenses with the clam-shell opening mechanism in favour of a more common sliding shutter. The upper part slides over the back of the dome (the travel of which determines the maximum length of the upper shutter). The lower part still uses a swing-down hinge design which does not pose any particular problems in the wind.
The new aluminium shutter is test fitted in its rails and the rest of the shell has been sanded back ready for painting. The lower gap will be a shorter hinged shutter.

The dome is completed and ready to put on the building.

The new shutters are flat instead of retaining the compound curve of the dome like the old ones. For the low shutter this means it can now be hinged all the way across the pivot point instead of a single stress point in the middle.
Sliding the dome up onto the building.
Final result.