KPO Weather Station

Data for 2017 Aug 23, 02:31 NZST

Env pole

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Air temperature n/a 10.3 °C  0.0 °C  Trend -2.33 °C/h
Dew point n/a 3.8 °C -214748364.8 °C  Trend -1.74 °C/h
Humidity n/a 87 % 0 %  Trend -2.6 %/h
Air pressure (sea level) n/a 1022 mbar 6 mbar  Trend +0.0 mbar/h
Wind speed (10 sec avg) n/a 40 km/h 0 km/h 24h mean 6 km/h
Wing gust (10 sec max) n/a 41 km/h    
Wind direction n/a      
Rainfall 0.0 mm/h 0.1 mm/h   24h rainfall 0.032 mm
Relative sky temperature E001      
Cloud cover n/a 98 % 0 %  

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