Although the observatory is for viewing things at night, it has a reasonable view during the day too. These are some photos taken from the observatory.
120° panoramic view from the observatory. The left end is roughly south and looking towards Porirua city.Titahi Bay itself is in the centre. The right end is looking west over Cook Straight toward the South Island (unfortunately behind the clouds in this photo). 3360x800, 291K.
View to the west on a clear day. Mana Island is visible on the right and the distant mountains in the centre are the Kaikoura Ranges in the South Island. 1600x800, 197K.
Same view as above but at sunset. 1400x800, 191K.
The north view in mainly park areas. Our anemometer can be seen in the foreground. 1200x800, 193K.
Pole camera Live (ish) view from the camera atop the anemometer pole. It looks roughly southwest over Titahi Bay.