Telescope Construction Projects

6-inch Dobsonian

A low-cost "standard" 6-inch Dobsonian  refelecting telescope made at KPO and offered for sale in New Zealand.

6-inch Dobsonian finished in two-tone blue.This telescope is a 6-inch F5 with a focal length of  750mm and comes with 2 eyepieces a 10mm and 20mm plus a 2x barlow lens.

Price is $700.00 includes GST
The 6-inch next to a comparable commercial offering.The shorter telescope is the 6-inch F5 (750mm fl) while the longer one is a 6-inch F8 (1200mm fl). The F5 gives you a wider field of view.

Both come with the same eyepieces and 2x barlow lens. Both are the same price of $700.00ea includes GST. The F5 are made by Gordon Hudson while the F8 is commercially made.
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