Telescope Restoration Projects
This is an overview of telescopes restored by Gordon Hudson. All of these telescopes were complete restorations of the tube, mount and drive system. Any required restoration of the optics is subcontracted.

The Peter Read 6" Refractor

This telescope was restored for Carter Observatory and is presently on loan to the Phoenix Astronomical Society.

On a temporary pier right next to KPO, this is the assembled telescope prior to any serious work. It was in a really sorry state lying neglected in a basement before it was given a bit of a clean to look as good as it does here!

After a few months work and reassembled on the same pier for testing. It's unlikely this telescope ever looked this good originally.

The Thomas King 6" Refractor

This telescope was also restored for Carter Observatory and resides in of of their observatories in Kelburn, Wellington.

Part way through restoration; the tube has already been finished and parts of the mount have just been cleaned up.

Gordon respraying part of the mount.

The finished telescope back in the Thomas King observatory.

The Carter Observatory 9" Cooke Refractor

Another telescope restored for Carter Observatory. This is their largest telescope.

The telescope still in reasonable condition around 1980 (photo courtesy Carter Observatory).

The telescope prior to restoration with the optics removed.

The condition of some of the components prior to restoration.

Gordon with the finished telescope back in the Carter dome.

Miscellaneous Telescopes

These are some other examples of restored refractors.

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